Today is our day because its cheese lover’s day. We can celebrate ourselves for we know we are the craziest cheese fans.

We have been thinking who the great human being to discover cheese was? We may never get an answer for that but we know one thing that this discovery changed human history.

Close your eyes and think about a mouthful of cheese, it’s melting at your tongue and pushing you into the phase of euphoria. Wow! Even imagining about cheese can lift up our mood.

We have come up with some amazing ideas to celebrate our love for cheese. There is a lot you can do on this day from having cheese all day to dress up in cheese color clothes.

Wear your favorite cheese color. You can have all the dishes with cheese in it.

On this cheese lover’s day we dare you to try something new apart from cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan or our own desi paneer.

Try something that you haven’t tried before push your limits c’mon this day is all about cheese.

You can even actually make your own cheese today. Go ahead don’t think too much you must give it a try.

Start with the basics. All you need is whole milk, lemon, a pot and cheesecloth and you’re good to go.


Also make sure that this cheese lover’s day you make your own crazy cheese combination.

There must have been one thing other than cheese that you love and you can dip it in the cheese fondue. Have your own perfectly cheesy combo.  Like you can have KAREELA stuffed with cheese or may be add melted cheese over shami kebabs?

Sounds weird right? That’s the whole idea about it.

There you go. You are all set to celebrate it in your own way.

Happy cheese lover’s day!