This incredible restaurant in Karachi has amused us by celebrating cheese lover’s day. And they made a point to do it very cheesily.

They were serving cheese, cheese, and cheese. It was a really cheesy affair at Grotto.

Picture Credit: Kadir Khan

The celebrations were a surprise for the visitors. When they came, ordered and received their meal that’s when they came to know.

The café launched “CHEESE FONDUE” on cheese lover’s day. What a perfect day to launch something that is a dream for every cheese fan.

Picture Credit: Kadir Khan

Also, Grotto is the only food outlet to import cheese from France. Their raclette cheese is not locally produced just to maintain the originality. This was news to us and we were definitely pleased to know.

And man! When they give it a shave… you oughtta check it out.

Visitors were awestruck when they dipped chicken skewers in the fondue and tasted it.

Picture Credit: Kadir Khan

Café also served potato wedges and other veggies to dip in cheese fondue.

They made it clear that they are dealing with cheese and they are not scared to try out anything that’s cheesy.