Malaysia Travel Guide- Time to Get Your Wallets Out!


Malaysia is no new tourist destination that has just popped up on the travel scene. It has been best known for its gorgeous Petronas Towers, Batu Caves, and Langkawi Island which is why you won’t find those obvious attractions in this article!

This Travel Guide will be focusing on some attractions in Kuala Lumpur,Langkawi, and Penang Islands which aren’t as well-known. When traveling to Malaysia, it’s best to carry a lot of money because Malaysia is a “Shopper’s Paradise” (No denying that) which is probably something you’ve heard a million times but even cheap little knick-knacks can end up costing you around $100-$200 in the long run!

If you’re traveling with your family then it is best to stay in an Apart-Hotel because they are cheaper than the hotels but equally comfortable. Just like Bangkok, Malaysia has many affordable and clean Apart-Hotels and if you book in advance on, you will save A TON of money!

Some places that are worth a visit in KL,Langkawi and Penang Islands are listed below!

1.KL Tower Mini Zoo, Kuala Lumpur 

This petting zoo is located on the ground floor of the Kuala Lumpur Tower and is a great place to visit with your kids! This zoo has animals from all over the world and you also get a chance to interact with the animals! You can pet Llamas, feed tortoises and play with the birds here and also get a chance to check out some exotic and rare fish species. The entrance fee is for Rs.660 for children and Rs.730 for adults so it is quite reasonable considering all the hours you’ll be spending here.

2. Escape Adventureplay, Penang Island


Escape Adventureplay is an outdoor Amusement Park that has some really awesome rides. You can get a card at the front desk and add some credit in it and if you have any credit remaining at the end of the day, you can get your money back! The staff is really friendly and there are many cool and safe rides for people of all ages. The zip lining ride is an experience of a lifetime and if you’re brave then you should definitely try the Tube Slide! The Acrobat Show that starts at 3 pm is also something you cannot miss! The Entry fee may be a little steep but it is definitely worth it!

3. Langkawi Sky Cab, Langkawi 

Langkawi is a beautiful place so if you want to take in the sights from above, this Sky Cab is the best way to do that! It will take you more than 700 meters above sea level and will cover a distance of 2.2 Km. Starting from the Machinchang mountain and ending at the SkyBridge which is simply breathtaking. This is the best way to spend the day because many hotels in Langkawi offer a shuttle to the Station and for a cheap price! One ride will cost around Rs.700-800/person.