Rida and Kinza Amjad have always been partners in crime. Whether they are skipping classes or starting a tech start-up on their own. Students at SZABIST, soon to be graduates, this pair is young, vibrant and highly ambitious.

October 2016: Watching a Stand-Up Comedy show which left them in splits of laughter as well as with flushed cheeks, they had an epiphany!

October 2017: They performed alongside the same performer for a crowd of more than hundred people.

These girls are new to the business but have always had a flair for creativity. Not only they are performers but they also write their own jokes. “What we have started off with is experiences from our own lives and twisting them a bit to make them funnier, not that they aren’t funny to begin with laughed Rida. “Because you know, being born twins has come up with a fair share of hilarious incidents!” Kinza finished the sentence.

The twins have performed side by side with the likes of Akbar Chaudhry and Shehzad Ghias who are a few of the very popular names in the comedy circuit of the country.

With the social scene of Karachi booming at a fast pace, these two seem like a fresh addition to the entertainment circle. Not only they are included in the list of the handful of female comedians of the city, the duo is putting their art to good use!


They arranged a fun-filled day for the kids at Sirat ul Jannah in the first week of November 2017. Sirat ul Jannah is a leading welfare organization working for the betterment of orphans and widows. The orphanage has more than 120 children and it provides them a safe and loving home, food, shelter, medical care and access to education.

The Amjad twins were able to get other comedians on board. The team worked hard to plan and organize the event and to ensure it was successful. The performers included a number of comedians including Faheem Azam, Sara Syed, Jaffer Shah, Ahsan Sabz, Kinza Amjad, Najam Akber, Nida Fatima Syed, Maha Abbas, Waqar Siddiqui, Rida Amjad and musician Raafay Israar.


By the end of the event, the volunteers and staff member were seen beaming with happiness. They were especially pleased with the smiles on the children’s faces. ”We want to continue to help and make a difference” said Kinza Amjad.

The community managed to collect age-appropriate gift bags, which included edibles, stationery items, toiletries and hygiene items for 130 children.

“I loved being part of the recreational activity for the kids at the orphanage. It was heartwarming to see those kids laughing and enjoying every moment of it. said Faheem Azam who is a standup comedian and the Director of Teeli productions.

They prepared a wide range of fun and educational activities. All the participants who helped organize it were happy to volunteer their time and found it to be a rewarding experience for themselves.

Rida Amjad commented on the event saying “The aim of this small effort by us was to bring a smile on the faces of these loving children. We hoped to get nothing but joy out of the event and which is what we got in abundance”.

We can’t wait to see what’s next on their agenda!