Rescuing Paws And Whiskers


How many times have you witnessed an animal being run over by a car? How many times have you seen them being shooed away? If you have, how many times have you gone to their rescue?

Although the city of Karachi now has a well-connected animal welfare community, it is unfortunate that an average citizen does not raise their voice when they see an innocent animal being subjected to brutality. But then there are some compassionate individuals who take it upon themselves to become the voice for the voiceless.

Meet Bruno, he was found tied outside a house. He appeared to be in a poor physical state.

A stranger rescued Bruno and took him home. His condition seemed to be deteriorating and it was midnight hence the availability of a vet was out of the question. Luckily the rescuer as an animal lover was acquainted with the animal care community of the city. She tried her luck and dialed a number she had seen on Facebook page she had recently stumbled upon. The page is called Happy Paws and Whiskers. She received a response instantaneously, much to her relief help was on way.

Agha Ali Khan

Entered Agha Ali Ahmed Khan Pathan Babar, yes this is his full name. Ask him the reason and he would reluctantly tell you that his family tree can be traced back to a certain royal family. However, this fact or his name does not make him special, what does is his undying love for animals. It is not just limited to specific breeds of animals he can keep as pets but any animal he lays his eyes on.

Back to Bruno’s rescue, the pooch had been infested with maggots due to poor care and then left abandoned when the owners decided he was not worth the inconvenience. Agha Ali spent that entire night trying to rehabilitate Bruno and he emerged successful. Bruno is now a pet to a very loving family. Have a look at his transformation:

We asked Ali about his first rescue and he recounts finding a kitten nearby a supermarket where he had gone shopping. The kitten looked frail and would not move, Ali picked it up, gave her the food he had bought for his own cats and the kitten stirred and finished half of the food in one go. The kitten stayed with him for two weeks before giving away to her physical deformity and she died. He recalls giving her a burial in the dark of the night and he had wrapped her up in his favorite T-shirt. “This particular rescue story is very close to my heart because the next day when I went to the burial site, it turned out that the remains were extracted from the ground and thrown away. I was devastated, asked everyone around and no one ready to take responsibility. This was the day I realized how people lack compassion when it comes to animals”.

What is also special about Agha Ali is that a number of stray animals have found a home at his personal residence,“I have had 40 rescued stray cats living under my roof at one point!” he says.

Is it just stray animals that get mistreated? The answer is no. Ali gives another account of a rescue mission where he was called to a residential area in Defence, Karachi; about a dog who was being aggressive with the residents. To his disbelief, Agha found the dog being beaten with sticks by the people who had complained to him. The owners had left him to “guard” their house in their absence. Tyler (His name) was agitated because he was left with no food or water.

He also spoke remorsefully of how many stray animals are put to death by authorities, sometimes on complaints and sometimes without. He emphasizes that all these animals need is some love and care but most of us fail to recognize it.