The name ‘Rotary’ or ‘Rotaract’ might ring a bell or sound familiar to some but you’ll be surprised to know that Rotary, an International Organisation comprises of over 2 million members in more than 200 Countries all across the world!

Here’s a short clip in case you don’t know about:

One of the best things about Rotary is that its open to all people regardless of race, colour, creed, religion, gender or political preferences.

Rotary isn’t just for the Professionals. It’s for the youth & students as well. It has made two separate worldwide organizations which include Rotaract (ages 19-30) and Interact (ages 14-18).

Ages 14-18
Ages 19-30


Rotary offers several opportunities for high school and university students to gain access to leaders of industry, develop leadership skills, travel abroad, and gain a global perspective for service. Rotary gives the students the experiences and opportunities of a lifetime.

1.Worldwide Organisation

Rotary and Rotaract aren’t just one branch in one city. They are located all over the globe. Many students work in a student based organization of their schools, colleges or university and when they graduate, their career in that student body/society/council also graduates. But in Rotary, it’s just a transfer. From Interact, you can join Rotaract and in Rotaract from an institute based club, you can join a community-based club upon graduating and then to Rotary at the age of 30. Membership in Rotary is eternal!

2. Service Above Self

As in the video above, there are some days where you feel a sparkle maybe while watching TV, surfing the Internet or looking at someone on the road. You feel the humanitarian aid power in your veins and you want to come out of your comfort zone to help someone in need!

Rotarian at Work

3. Friendship Across Borders

As a student and member of Rotary International, there are numerous projects, campaigns and events you can take part of. Every Club has an International Services Department which builds friendships, promotes culture & history and invite other Rotaractors to learn and experience their country.
Rotary bridges the gap between the youth of different countries and students often indulge in many discussions with fellow Rotaractors from different continents gaining a different kind of experience and exposure.

Know more about different nationalities with Rotary

Many friendships in Rotary last a lifetime!

4. Rotary includes everything

Rotary doesn’t have a particular domain such as of community services, conferences, sports, music or debates. Rotary includes everything! In Rotary, you get a slice & experience of everything the world has to offer. You get a taste of all the different avenues other than your own specific field.

Renowned singer Rahat Fateh Ali singing at Rotary Pakistan Literacy Mission fundraiser

Rotarians enjoying a game of Golf on a Sunday morning

Rotaractors enjoying a warm day at the Beach!

Rotary Thar Festival – 3271

5. Professional Development

Rotary is your gateway to learning, networking & exploring. With a diverse group of individuals coming together from different professions, there’s a lot to learn from each other. With many seminars, conferences and training sessions, Rotarians gain the experience of public speaking, debating, become social and learn to break the ice with strangers.

Awards & recognition at the annual DisCon!

6. Partnerships

Want to collaborate on projects with the likes of Amazon, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Global Food Banking Network, Peace Corps, Shelter Box, Disaster Aid USA, UNICEF, USAID, WHO, CDC, Youth Service America, and Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library? Rotary provides all the opportunities!

7. Rotary Youth Exchange

Rotary has a range of youth exchanges just like of AIESEC. Students travel to different countries for a short internship and learn about various lifestyles & cultures across the world and bring with them an unforgettable experience.

8. Mega Events

Rotary International Convention – Toronto 2018

Every year, Rotary International has one of the biggest Conventions in the World and this year it is in June in Toronto, Canada. The RI Convention of 2017 was attended by thousands of people from around the world in Atlanta, Georgia. It was also attended by famous personalities such as Bill Gates, John Cena, Ashton Kutcher and many more which helped raised $1.2 billion. Next year’s Convention is on 23-27 June and brings the theme of ‘Inspiration around every corner’.

Early bird registration has begun.. 😉

RotAsia – Pune 2018

Another huge conference for Rotaractors in 2018 is RotAsia in Pune, India. It celebrates 50 years anniversary since the 1st Rotaract Club.

In Pune, India

RYLA – Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

Need help figuring out what you want to major in? Or perhaps you want to further develop some critical problem-solving skills? Then sign up for the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards which is a personal and professional development program. RYLA is a 2-3 day program and sometimes a week long where the youth exchanges ideas, attend guest speaker sessions, motivational speakers, indulge in team building activities, have socials at nights and also stay together in a particular venue! RYLA is the flagship event of a District!

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

 RotMUN – Rotaract Model United Nations

Annual MUN of Rotaract

ROTMUN revives the legacy by upholding the ideals of the United Nations in a competitive simulation where delegates delve into the complex yet awes-inspiring International Relations and Foreign Policy of our time to ignite the spirit of diplomacy and become global change agents.

9. Disaster Management

Rotary Clubs all over the world are always on standby to aid and help any country which becomes a victim of a Natural Disaster. Whether be it floods, famine, earthquake or anything and whether it be in Pakistan/India or Africa or anywhere, Rotary is always on alert to supply all things necessary!


Rotary members in Nigeria supplying relief aid to flood victims in Makurdi.  Source: Rotary International facebook

10. Work for your Country

Rotary gives the opportunity to work for the goals of your country and help everybody around you. You can either work on mega projects such as Rotary Pakistan Literacy Mission, Ending Polio or work for your neighbourhood and nearby areas by providing clean water and food to the people, providing them with warm clothing, blankets etc in Winters!

Rotary has made its mission on working to eradicating Polio from this World and it has been very successful!

We are very close to Ending Polio, All we need is you.

Rotary District Governors meeting with President of Pakistan regarding Ending Polio!

Bonus Point

Rotary & Rotaract get their own amazing Facebook Filters which millions of people put on display together. Cool!

So when are you joining Rotary and making a difference?