Considering that the Iphone X is very sleeky, your $1,000 investment can break in one slip of a hand or in Karachi as experienced by many, it can be stolen within seconds. So let’s look at the other options we can have in this much amount and vary the opportunity cost.

1.Get a S7 Edge and a Ps4
Not only you can get a pretty decent brand new phone but you can also scoop in a brand new Ps4. Now that’s a deal very hard to refuse. An amazing phone and an amazing gaming console in the same price of one very easily breakable phone!

2.Travel & Explore!

You can make a trip to Dubai easily and can even adjust a weekly trip to Thailand, Srilanka and Malaysia including air ticket, visa, hotel, transportation and shopping per person. That’s pretty cool! You just might be able to squeeze in Turkey as well!

3.Eat a Paratha roll or Biryani for almost 3 years consecutive!

Karachi’s specialty in Food – Biryani

No one can say no to Biryani! Biryani goes straight to the heart –

You can even have the delicious Paratha Roll numerous times (personal fav)

4.Family trip to the North!

A very adventurous trip to the Mountains of Pakistan for a family of 4. The trip would include scenic views, trekking, good weather and beautiful scenarios. A memorable week with your family at a heavenly place or a mobile. The North Remembers.


Imagine if you have a fridge with a very long supply of chocolates or a room full of candies where you could easily swim in it?

6.Extreme Sports

Imagine if you could do all the extreme sports you’ve been thinking of? Such as scuba diving, cliff diving, parasailing, jetski & water sports and could even adjust a skydiving trip!

7.Bikes or even a Car

If you research deep in the market, you could even get a second or third hand used car! In USA and similar countries, you can easily get an old, well-maintained car in this budget!
But in Pakistan, you can get the top bikes in this much amount and easily scroll the city. In the bike, you could even rent a gun and rob the new Iphone from someone. Lol just kidding!(not)

8.Three HD 39″ TV

You can get not 1, not 2 but 3 TV’s in this amount! Sit on your couch and enjoy the Tv’s or can get 1 huge TV!


In this much amount, you can buy so many video games and a console that you’ll be lost in the games for a very long timeee!

10.Qawali Night + Dinner

In this amount, you can hire a good enough Qawal with all the music setup and gear with the ambiance and great bbq dinner for around 50 people and have a great night!

So what are you thinking now?