10th Aalmi Urdu Conference 2017

Anwar Maqsood and Bushra Ansari in the 10th Aalmi Urdu literature conference

The Foundation of the International Urdu Conference (Aalmi Urdu Conference) celebrated it’s 10th glorious year of Urdu Literature, poetry, prose and plays at the Karachi Arts Council.

In the pace of modernization, The Arts Council Of Karachi opened its doors to a five-day conference solely to celebrate the ideology of Allama Iqbal, love and passion of Bulleh Shah and the soulful works of Sadeqain on canvas.

Rarely Karachi’s weather is cloudy or sober yet 2017’s 10th “Aalmi Urdu Conference” started in a solemn, cool and slightly breezy way. But there was nothing cold about Indian scholar Prof Shamim Hanafi`s keynote address or subsequently Zia Mohyeddin`s reading of select pieces from Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi`s works.

Primarily focus of most discussions in the conference wasto initiate and work towards peace and harmony between the two neighbouring countries who are connected by Urdu Literature by the likes of Ghalib, Manto, Intezar Hussain and many more who built a strong foundation of Urdu Literature. Prof.Hanafi shed light onto the tradition of resistance on an intellectual and emotional level and that this was given shape by the Progressive Writer’s Movement in 1936. But after 1947 certain new forms and protest came into being which included of self doubt as well. Professor Hanafi further exclaimed and emphasize on how we should we able to voice our concerns and troubles in a basic, simple and understandable manner. Prof Hanafi also said from Qurratulain Hyder to Intizar Husain in fiction to Nasir Kazmi and Majeed Amjad in poetry, it`s a different period, more bitter and uneven. Prose poetry and the new ghazal had tried to make an effort to comprehend the change.

The current Provincial Cultural Minister Syed Sardar Shah also spoke on how essential it is to maintain these conferences before we completely let go and forget of our heritage and literature. Many people attended these five dayconferences to witness Zia Mohyeuddin speak in his best and finest, the few of the last items before the conference concluded included Qawwali by Farid Ayaz and Abu Mohammad.

Alot of Pakistan Veteran actors also attended this conference and spoke a few bits in honor of this conference and how important it is to promote such events that protect our heritage and literature.

The Second day : 

The second day of the conference consisted of “Hamd o Naat” by Iftikhar Arif. the second session of day-2 was dedicated to “Literature for Children” and so on and so forth the third session of the day was for “Literally & Social Perspective and the Role of Women”.

> Fourth session of the day-2 at the 10th International Urdu Conference 2017 was titled “Urdu Poetry – A Literally Perspective”.

Fifth session of the day-2 at the 10th International Urdu Conference 2017 was titled “The Evolution of Painting in Pakistan”.


Sixth session of the day-2 at the 10th International Urdu Conference 2017 was titled “Books Launch Ceremony”.

The Third day : 

The theme of day 3 revolved around “our learning and teaching conditions” which started off with by Anwar Ahmed, Jafar Ahem and Haroon Rasheed and chaired by Ishrat Hussain, Atta Ur Rahman and Pirzada Qasim who elaborated in their own elements at how detroiting conditions have been in recent times in the education sector and how they can be uplifted or rectified.

Third day

The Fourth day :

The theme followed in the fourth day of The International Urdu Conference was “a look into Urdu fiction” where Asad Mohammad Khan welcomed guests from abroad and claimed that fiction is a term in which context is easily understood irrespective of the language it is in.

Various speakers presented their points on this debate.

The Fifth day :

The last and fifth day of the conference was the “closing ceremony” where everyone gave speeches in admiration of how successful the whole five-day conference had been and how in future such conferences should be held in continuation for the betterment of Urdu Literature.