3 Restaurants to Visit in Colombo, Sri Lanka!


If you’re traveling to Colombo anytime soon, you’re probably wondering about the food and where you can find edible Halal food because, in many countries, you can either have Halal food or you can have tasty food like pizzas, vegetarian dishes, etc (Mostly European Countries)

Sri Lanka is home to people of many religions so it’s not difficult to spot a Halal eatery in the bustling city of Colombo. If you want to opt for the vegetarian route then there are loads of restaurants that offer some delicious South Indian dishes and Thalis since India is only a hop, skip and a swim away from Sri Lanka.

The Seafood dishes are also drool-worthy and you can find a variety of stalls dotted around the city selling fresh crabs, prawns, and lobster! All of that for less than PKR 100! (Yes, I did die and go to heaven when I heard about this) Here are 3 restaurants you’ll find in Colombo that serve the best Halal food!

1.The Sizzle

The Sizzle is one of the most popular restaurants in Colombo which does serve a variety of Halal dishes. What’s different about this restaurant is that almost all the main courses and even some of the desserts are served sizzling hot! Their Sizzling hot Blueberry Cheesecake with Vanilla Ice Cream and Almonds is definitely worth a try!

2. Cioconat Lounge

This restaurant is considered as one of the best Italian Restaurants in Colombo and I did have a pleasant experience when I went there. The Roast Beef Sandwich was really delicious and their Pastas are also worth a try! If you’re a coffee lover then you definitely need to check this place out! P.S their Hot Chocolate is AMAZING!

3. Arabian Knights

This restaurant serves authentic Middle Eastern dishes made by Syrian and Yemeni Chefs! It’s one of the most reasonably priced restaurants in the city with fantastic Kabsa Chicken and a deliciously sweet Umm-e-Ali ( Basically Middle Eastern Kheer)! Around Rs.1000/person, this restaurant, with a relaxing atmosphere and a variety of dishes, is a must visit!