Doha is the capital of the World’s richest country, Qatar, so it wasn’t surprising to see Malls 3 times bigger than Lucky One here in Karachi. The total population of Qatar is 2.79 million but still, you can find nearly all of these upscale malls almost empty. Doha can be called Dubai’s less glamorous and more expensive counterpart because all the malls are just like Dubai’s but it doesn’t get the footfall that malls in Dubai have.

You can find all international brands like H&M, Zara, Sephora, Pull & Bear and Tag over there but you may want to take A LOT of cash when you are travelling to the State of Qatar. Visa is issued on arrival for Pakistani Citizens (Thank God for that) if each person carries $1500 and major credit cards so that’s a bonus since not everyone could get a Qatari Visa easily in the past. If you’re not fond of shopping then even if you visit 1 or 2 malls, you won’t be missing out on anything if you don’t go to the rest because almost all of them have the exact same shops!

Some of these malls that are worth your time and money are listed below!

1.Villaggio Mall

Villaggio is one of the most amazing malls in Qatar which is slightly different than the rest. It has an Italian/Venetian Theme where the ceiling is painted like the Sky and there is a Gondola Boat Ride in between the Mall where you can sail through the whole mall and have a little Venetian experience! Starbucks is one of the first places I went to because it is located right near the entrance. There’s also an amazing Food Court which has a variety of restaurants including Cold Stone Creamery, Vanelli’s, Krispy Kreme and P.F Changs.

2.Dar As-Salam Mall

Dar As-Salam Mall is one of the more affordable Malls in Doha and it is near Barwa City which isn’t that far from the capital. You can find cheap and good quality products here like Phone Covers, Clothes and shoes as well as shop from the more high-end brands like Centrepoint and Max. You can also check out Carrefour if you are looking to buy gifts for friends and family because you can get shirts and pants for as cheap as Rs.300 here!

3.The Mall

I remember The Mall from my Childhood when I first went to Doha 10 years ago. It was considered to be the best malls at that time and it was always packed with hundreds of people on each floor. Today, it does get a good number of shoppers but it is now one of the smaller and outdated malls in Qatar. However, you really need to go check out this mall because of Opera Café which has some of the most delicious Tartines and Pastries and Tasmeem’s which has the most delicious cupcakes in all of Qatar! The Pistachio Cupcake, priced at 40 Riyals (Rs.1200), is the one you NEED to try if you ever go there.

4.Doha Festival City Mall

This Mall hasn’t completely opened but it is already offering Qatar’s largest shopping, dining and entertainment experience in the country! Five Guys recently opened there and has been crowded ever since so do check it out for some AMAZING burgers. The New Yorker, Pull & Bear and Zara have really good clothes available so you wouldn’t want to miss them! Plan the whole day according to your trip here if you do go because it is a little far and you might want to spend a lot of time here because you can’t explore the whole mall in one day!

If you are travelling to Qatar anytime soon or want to visit in the near future and have any questions, you can ask in the comments below!