You know you look flawless when you apply all your expensive makeup for that one important event, But how can you keep that look last for longer?

The steps for a lasting makeup look are simple and easy to follow. All you need are the right kind of products and to be consistent with them. Get more from your makeup with these tricks for the ultimate longevity

1. Exfoliate and Mask

This might seem odd and unrelated to your makeup routine but having a good skin care regime which involves exfoliating and masking is highly recommended. Exfoliating once or twice a week followed by a skin suitable mask can make a major effect on your overall skin. It can help make it soft, supple and dirt-free which in long term will help your foundation blend better and last for hours.

2. Moisturizer will Lead

A good moisturizer will keep that soft or intense makeup look last longer without making it appear cakey or grey. Always apply a moisturizer if you have dry skin, people with oily skin might not need it at times but nonetheless, it is such a product which will only provide benefits and no harm. Moisturizers come in different consistencies. If you feel you oily skin won’t be able to digest the moisturizer buy one with a lot more watery consistency. A moisturizer for dry skin is usually thick in consistency.

3. Primer is Essential

No makeup artist nowadays will proceed with their makeup without a primer. That is how important and useful this product has become. And once you use it you will notice the difference and will never go without a primer. A primer should ideally be applied after the moisturizer and before the foundation.

4. Powder it Up

You will require a setting powder to finish off that gorgeous look. People with oily skin require a powder more than people with dry skin. This will make sure your makeup does not melt away and those hours you put in for that beautiful look don’t go to waste.

5. Spray to Set

Another must-have makeup tool is the setting spray. Just spray it few times on your face after you’re done with applying all your products. This product like the primer was particularly designed for a lasting makeup look. If you run out of setting spray use rose water with glycerin as an alternative product.

6. Keep your hands where they belong

Don’t keep touching your face and rubbing your eyes once all your makeup is done. Seriously! that is the last thing you want to do if you want the look to steal the show and the first thing, if you want immediate breakouts after removing the makeup. If it is hard for you to keep those hands in place then find an alternative, like crossing your hands or clenching your fist.

7. Don’t make the mistake of reapplying

The urge to keep setting your powder and blotting, again and again, is very understandable, but- don’t do it! It will only make you appear extra cakey and heavily layered. Excess of it will make your pores look bigger and that is not what you want. So keep it minimum products and maximum advantage kind of way.

Let that look slay and last forever!