With 14th August only a week away, you can probably see all those “Azaadi deals” popping up everywhere. Many of these deals couldn’t have come at a better time because this is usually the time all of us foodies go broke (thanks to all those weekends eating out) which is why we are on the hunt for delicious food that is reasonably priced.

In honour of the 70th Year of Pakistan’s Independence, here is a list of 7 deals that you can devour this Independence day!

1.Azadi Meal from OPTP 

Azadi Kay Rang OPTP Kay Sang! This is one awesome deal that I’ll be ordering soon (Read: now) because it is so cheap! 2 Chicken or Classic Beef Burgers, 2 Regular Plain/Masala Fries with 2 Chilled Drinks only for Rs.590! I’m salivating just by reading “Rs.590 only” because there isn’t anything cheaper than that!

2. The Patriotic Deal at Hoagies

This deal is for all those who have a huge appetite and don’t love to share! You can avail this deal on 14th August only and get one free Original or Dirty Hoagie on your purchase of one Hoagie! Definitely going to check this one out!

3. Freedom Deal at Mcdonald’s 

Mcdonald’s always has some really good deals whenever 14th August is right around the corner and they have managed to attract the masses this time as well! For Rs.350 only, you can get 2 Fried Chicken Pieces, 1 Drink and 1 dip with it! A very filling and reasonably priced deal, indeed!

4. Broadway Pizza’s Azaadi Deal 1 

This is the perfect deal if you are going out with friends or family this Independence Day because this deal can easily be enough for 3-4 people. This deal has 2 10″ Medium Pizzas, 6 piece wings, 2 pieces stuffed potato skins,  2 pieces Garlic Breads, 90 grams spicy potato wedges and 6 sauces all for Rs.1408!

5.Bonsai’s Independence Day Discount

Bonsai is one of the latest addition to the Pan Asian restaurant family in Karachi with delicious food, generous servings and reasonable prices! For Pakistan’s 70th Independence Day, Bonsai is offering a 14% discount for lunch and dinner until the 14th of August so keep your wallets ready and your stomachs empty next Monday!

6. Pizza Point’s Freedom Feast

This deal may seem like a tad bit pricey but it really isn’t. You can get one Regular Pizza free by adding Rs.70 on the purchase of 2 Large Pizzas and a 1.5L Drink which is for Rs.1649! Not bad if you’re having a pizza party at home and need A LOT of cheesy pizza slices to serve to your guests!

7.La Chine by Kababjees’ Discount

La Chine is offering a 20% discount on your entire bill starting from 1st August! This discount is applicable on Dine-in, Takeaway and Delivery from Monday to Thursday so hurry up and go avail this deal because you can save a lot!

Happy 70th Independence Day in advance!