That time of the year is here when we celebrate and appreciate our fathers for being the hero he is. Although every day can be Father’s Day, it gets easier and special to dedicate one whole day to cherish our lifelong bonding with our DADS. To make this day special for your father, we have compiled some of the easiest and prettiest gifts and celebrations DIY ideas.


Who does not like presents? Show love and appreciation to your fathers by making him some exclusive and unique handmade gifts.

  1. Handmade cards

The ingredients for the most beautiful cards are less effort and more feelings. Make your father the best Father’s day card, by using lots of colors, crafts and sweet words.

  1. Pre-Shaving oil/creams

No need to buy expensively branded pre and after shaving creams, just make these DIY shaving creams and help your father put off some expenses. For shaving cream, take a boiler and mix 1/2 shea butter, 1/2 coconut oil, once melted stir with 1/4 olive oil and add any essential oil you want for the smell. Pour it all into a bowl and place it in the fridge till it slightly solidifies. Whip the ingredients together before transferring into an air tight jar and place it on your father’s bathroom self. For pre-shave oil, all you need are three oils, olive, grapeseed and essential oil- pour them into a bottle and shake the ingredients. This works as a great alternative to shaving gels and will make the skin soft.

  1. Phone/iPad/ glasses case.

Impress your father with some stitching and sewing skills by making him a customized iPad/phone/glasses case from few old cloth, and tie. All you need here is a yard of cloth, scissors, and thread. For step by step, learning check out

4. Customized apron

If your dad loves cooking, this customized apron can be the best option for a fathers day present. All you need to do is, get a white apron, paint it as you like, print his favorite quote or picture on it, use sewing tactics to make pockets and iron for a finished look. For more  details check out:

5. Keychain

Creating a Scrabble keychain has to be the most easiest and adorable DIY. All you need is a glue, an eyelet, a key ring and Scrabble tiles. For Scrabble tiles, you can be creative and opt for adjectives describing your father. For further details check out:

6. Picture frame

These cute and easy to make frames require only four things. Some pebbles, paints, a frame, and super glue. Paint the rocks with different colors to make it look vibrant and glue them on the border of the frame. To learn more ways to play with frames check out:

7. Watch stand

Save your dads watches from falling off his side table or being lost in the drawers- build him a wooden watch stand. For this DIY all you need is a piece of wood, drill, ceramic tile cutter, measuring tape and hot glue. This DIY can be time-consuming and might require more help but is totally worth it. For step by step, learning check out

8. Mousepad

You can either use wood as your base material or simply a hard cardboard. This DIY requires a scissor, paint brush, customized cloth and hot glue, however, you can create a mouse pad by using other materials too for different ideas check out:

9. Cufflink carrier

Help your dad from losing those tiny cufflinks, make him a DIY cufflink carrier. Just find an old jewelry box or tin, fill the inside with foam and separators, and decorate the box with ribbons and lace for a more finished look.

10. Cord keeper

Create a DIY cord and charger keeper with old shoe boxes. This easy and quick DIY will require, a cutter, scissors, shoe box, and decorative items. Extension device and long wires can be kept inside the shoe box for safety with holes on both sides for connecting purposes.


Father’s day comes once in 365 days so make sure to make the most of it! Fancy up the house, make him his favorite meals, spend quality time, bonding with a board game, or go for outdoor activities.

  1. Decorate the house

Some hanging notes, including your pictures with your father and cute captions on it, can make your house bedazzle. Throw in fairy lights and decorate his room, the lounge, and garden. Make sure your dad feels special by just being around the house.


2. Make him his special meals

Start with breakfast, make whatever he likes, it could be as simple as making pancakes. He will appreciate and adore you for starting his day with his favorite breakfast. Help your mom with lunch and make sure dad gets the best of his meals.

3. Enjoy his favorite activity with him

You might not have the same taste when it comes to television shows or outdoor activities but for a day switch from your favorites to his. If he loves fishing, bowling or watching cricket go and do all these activities with him and give him tasteful company.

4. Take him out for dinner

Pool all your pocket money with your siblings or mom and give your dad a relaxing evening by taking him out for dinner at his favorite restaurant. Eat, laugh, bond and enjoy the night.

5. Bake him a special cake

Who does not like indulging in sugar on a Sunday? Put on your baking cap and make the best cake for your father. Even if you feel you are no expert in baking, give it a try fathers always appreciate even the tiniest of efforts.

6. Write him poetry

Express all that you ever wanted to say to your father. Go beyond thank you and love you, write him a speech, poetry or go down the memory lane and let him know what he means to you.

before you held his hand

he held yours,

before you smiled at him

he smiled at you,

when the meaning of fear was unknown

he made sure you stayed in a safe zone,

you were always important to him

but today, let him know he is important to you too.

Just a little effort from your side can bring a big smile on your father’s face. Let us know how many DIYs you tried and how much your father loved them.