An Authentic Shawarma Place is Finally in Karachi-PITA


PITA is the Shawarma Revolution we all have been waiting for…

Karachi is someplace which has almost every food item available everywhere. There must be zillion places of shawarma but all have similar taste. Karachi has its own taste of food, everything has added spice and a local touch to it and so do Shawarma places over here. Spices, vegetables and additional flavours such as of cheese and garlic mayo made the middle east taste of shawarma lost in the wilderness.

Worry no more, Paramount came here trying to save us but they have failed this city. Too much on the menu and not making Shawarma their speciality, left the shawarma lovers like me in vain.

And now Pita is here in full force, firing on all cylinders to save us and bring some original, foreign flavour in our life. The first product on Pita menu is called Beiruiti original chicken shawarma which makes you feel like you’re sitting at a scene of Homeland in Lebanon! The shawarma has the middle eastern touch with fries, some sauces that were totally new to me and are called aioli or tahini sauce or a mix!

Not only does Pita have a range of many traditional flavours, but in the end of the Shawarma menu, it also consists of the Kolachi Shawarma! It consists of all the flavours that people enjoy in the local shawarma that is widely available. The other yummilicious flavours on the menu include Chile Jambo, Wild West, Asian Dynamite, Skinny Greek and Spicy Gringo!

Tasty different Shawarma!!

It doesn’t end here, Pita has an appetizer menu which has salad, chicken bites and many delicious things. It’s something that the children would also have if they don’t want to have the heavy filling shawarmas!

Another delicious Appetizer!

Pita has something for everyone!

Not only are they serving delicious, traditional, Lebanese shawarmas, but they also have three unique, mouthwatering desserts!

  1. The most famous and favourite dessert of Karachi, a hot sizzling brownie with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream!

  2. Another diet breaker on the menu is the Nutella cookie with the option of having ice cream! *heavy breathing*

  3. The unique thing on the menu is having Churros at a Shawarma place! This shows that Pita is willing to experiment and is a fun, young & a playful brand!


Did you think you were done making the list of things to try at Pita? Just wait a bit longer, we haven’t reached the beverages section yet! Now you just didn’t think that because it’s a Shawarma place, they’ll have water and soft drinks only or max have a sting? This is the Shawarma Revolution we talking about and you can float yourself in the tastes of Mint Lemonade Cooler, Apple fizz, Peach lemonade, Pina Coladas, Strawberry Banana and Strawberry Salted Caramel! So much to try!

Perfect for the Warm Autumn Weather

We always wanted to be part of a revolution, unfortunately, Naya Pakistan lost its speed and nothing else interesting much happens in the city. Khair, we’ve got the Pita – The Shawarma Revolution to be part of!

The Revolution Maker!

So head over to Bukhari Commercial in-between Tea de Lis and Chai Master, lies in a small shop, the revolution we’ve been waiting for!

The outlet is very attractive and colourful!
Pita will soon start delivering through FoodPanda so you can enjoy easily from home! The location is here on the map below.


  1. I liked the pictures but why would you publish this with so many grammatical mistakes???? “Middle East Flavour lost to wilderness???? Was that an attempt to make the article sound fancy? You may have gotten the views but there is so much more room for improvement