Stepping out of Lahore School of Economics with a marketing degree in her hand, Mehr Saqib found herself looking for a job that would satisfy her creativity but the search was taking too long. Call it a stroke of luck or just the right timing, she took a plunge and started her own venture called Bastay.

Bastay was launched in 2012 but it wasn’t until 2014 that it took center stage for Mehr and she started working towards taking it places. The void in the local market was apparent but competition from the cheaply imported knock-off bags was a dire threat to her initiative.

However, what differentiates the bags from Bastay from other commercially available products is the individuality of the designs.

Having been obsessed with shoes and earrings while growing up, Mehr’s work reflects her knack for unconventional designs, be it her “quirky clutch” collection or her “truck art” one. One look at the collection carried by Bastay and you can’t help but admire the craftsmanship gone behind creating each piece. The truck art clutches, for instance, are hand painted by truck artists themselves.

The brand carries a collection of customized bags based on popular book titles and movies. 

What’s more is that the business based on Facebook and Instagram, also offers articles according to the clients’ specifications and most of the items, especially in the book collection are made on the buyers’ suggestions.

Bastay includes a little something for everyone. Add hand embroidered satchel bags as well the latest addition called the duffle bag and you have the widest variety to choose from.The contemporary looking man bag which was launched last year is indicative of the brand not being exclusive just for the ladies.