Finally, Pakistani entrepreneurs have a platform which enables them to start a business up.

Aamir Jafri, CEO of Eocean and Momentum is determined to bring changes in the current scenario, where Pakistan is at the consumer end of technological advances. He wants our entrepreneurs to come up with an innovative idea in the field of technology.

He remembers his battle with the prevailing system when he started. He wants to make things easier for his own people.

And that’s the sole reason that he came up with the idea of Momentum Conferences.

The core idea of Momentum conferences is to provide Pakistani entrepreneurs with the platform where they can make contacts.

Momentum will create an Eco-System that is enabling and encouraging new ideas.

Through Momentum Amir and his team is trying to build a community and stronger Eco-system in which new ideas can be brought and opportunities would be provided.

Momentum is keenly started to provide basic needed assistance to entrepreneur ideas that are not traditional. It basically is looking for technological advances in startups.

But this doesn’t mean that Momentum is only about startups that are linked to technology. They are open to every kind of new ideas but their focus is IT sector.

Aamir believes that startups don’t need funding as much as they need mentorship and through Momentum, the whole system would be on a single platform. So the entrepreneurs would be able to communicate easily and in way better customs than they are now.

In the first Momentum conference, 175 startups participated from 19 cities across the country. Out of those 175 startups 20 were selected to present their ideas on stage.

Three best entrepreneur ideas were prized with the cash prize to invest as well.

Momentum actually started a culture of providing an opportunity for entrepreneurs to come forward and talk about their business idea. This is rare in this part of the world.

After the success of the first conference, Momentum was recognized by the organizations like U.S aid and State Bank.

Even some companies are showing interest to provide free cloud to the innovative businesses. Many banks are also collaborating with Momentum for API banking.

The vision behind Momentum is to build million dollar companies in Pakistan and set our economy free of the traditional market.

Aamir pointed out the biggest opportunity that we have is our 50% population that’s under 25. He is determined to do something today collectively for this population to scale in future. Otherwise, he fears these youngsters would be a threat to our economy.

Momentum is basically a support group that Pakistani economy needs the most. We wish all the good luck to Momentum!