Singapore is without a doubt one of the most expensive cities in the world but it’s not difficult to find good food that is well within your budget. If you’re a vegetarian then it won’t be difficult for you to find delicious vegetarian food options because of the large Indian community living in Singapore. If you prefer to eat out on the streets then you’ll find many food vendors selling comfort food for a reasonable price.

Some of the places where you can get tasty and economical dishes are listed below:-

1.Tandoor Curry Club (Teck Chye Terrace)


This North Indian Restaurant serves Halal food that is just out of this world! You and your family can eat for around Rs.2000-2500 and you’ll have a variety of dishes to choose from. Their Fish Head Curry with Steamed Rice is one of their bestsellers ( fish heads in my plate creep me out so haven’t tasted it personally) but their Chicken Chilli with Garlic Naan is extremely delicious. The naan is served hot and the garlicky flavor will surely have you wanting more and more. If you’re in the Serangoon area in Singapore then this is one restaurant you should definitely go to.

2. The Chicken Rice Shop (Vivocity)

The Chicken Rice Shop has some really delicious Chinese and Asian dishes that you can get for around Rs.600/person. Their Honey BBQ Chicken is worth a try and their Chicken and Rice is their signature dish so you should try it at least once. The rice is slightly creamy and the portion of the chicken is quite generous. The Butter Chicken is also highly recommended!

3. PastaMania 

PastaMania has been serving cheap and authentic Italian dishes across Singapore. They use good quality ingredients that are imported which is why you’ll find some really good Pasta dishes and Pizzas. Their Creamy Chicken Pasta is a hearty serving and incredibly saucy and their Spaghetti Bolognese is also one of the most flavorful (and messy to eat) dishes on their menu. The Calimasi¬†(Lime) and Plum Juice is also a good drink to sip on if you’re up for a burst of different flavours! It tastes sour, salty and sweet all at the same time so it’s a must try! Diners usually spend around Rs.1000-Rs.1500 here so a good meal that’s easy on the pocket is always guaranteed here!