Have you eaten your words? No not like the way people eat them at the Edible Book Festival.

The festival attracts the avid reader and food lovers simultaneously. Amateur chefs show up, bake whatever they like and then eat the homages to their favorite books.

The only guideline for the entries is that they must be book-related and edible. This is literally the only guideline.

Edible Book Festival

Altogether seventeen entries are judged by the attendees. Most of the snacks are humorous takes on the books, characters or authors.

It is like creating art out of how you have interpreted a book. The festival started in 2000 and happens around the world now.

It is happening on April fool’s day this year in Austin. It is very different as compared to other festivals.

Because of its uniqueness, it is gaining rapid popularity among the chefs and book lovers.

Edible Book Festival

The festival celebrates books, art, and wit. Due to its punny-aspect, it is held on 1st of April or around it.

Artists try to come up with the wittiest piece of edible art in order to battle for the prizes.

It is a delicious play on words and one of its kind. Artistic license and culinary chops are given as the prize.

The best part about this festival is the manifestations of books by the people. Some may interpret a book very seriously and the same book can be interpreted by others as comedy.

Edible Book Festival

Participants compete in three different categories. The first category is best in show, the second is most literary and the third is culinary creation.

One more special thing about this concept is that anyone can plan it. It can be pulled off on a small scale as well. Libraries around the world also celebrate it.

These kinds of activities allow a good talent pool and people feel encouraged to show their talents.

Does this make you happy? How about a festival that is dedicated to happiness only?