Photo Credit: indiegogo

Pictures are the best way to preserve your memories and that is the reason we want to capture countless pictures. Some of us take pictures in order to preserve our happy moments but for some, it is their passion. And for those passionate photographers, we have news.

Yashica, a Japanese camera brand has something really different in stores for you. After ten years of silence, they are back with a bang.

The company is introducing a first-ever electronic controlled shutter camera. It is called Camera Y35.

It captures the essence of analogue photography minus the time and effort which was required for the film development.

You can create your own album only by loading “digi film”. It only requires a brief pause to wind on the film before you start taking new pictures.

Photographers are absolutely going to love it because they have a chance to enjoy and experience analogue camera alongside the ease of modern technology.

Digi film that you need to load in Y35 is not actually a traditional film. It is an image controller. Digi film is not consumed; the pictures are in fact saved on SD card. Digi film just provides the effects to images at the moment they are taken.

This is no doubt a clever invention. We can see it getting really popular in no time.