fostering new hope; A future in better hands


We are telling you a story of hopes, dreams, and future. It is not a usual story of any school being adopted by some organization. Instead, it’s a story of passion, enthusiasm and hard work. It is a story about sharing responsibilities, a story about energetic youth that is willing to give without receiving back. It is a story of NJV School adopted by Akhuwat.
We visited the school expecting the usual story. We wouldn’t have been astonished to see larger rooms of the building turned into spacious offices. But the small cabins in a hallway as staff offices caught us completely off-guard.

We met Uzair Qarni who is the Director Academics at NJV. The guy was an example of the young energy that we need the most. The best thing about Uzair was that he knows where to direct his energy.
Qarni has been looking after this school since a year and a half now and he is still not satisfied. He believes that the day he is satisfied with his job he’ll have to quit.
The school charges no fee at all from the students but it is better than the typical English medium schools we have in the city.

The rooftop is converted into a play area with tennis and basketball courts. It has a football field and cricket pitch as well. This is a proof that NJV is not only providing students with the quality education they are in fact more focused on their lifestyle.

There are different categories of teachers in the school. There are government teachers, and then there are private teachers which are being hired and after that, the school also has volunteers as teachers.
But the NGO makes sure that every teacher goes through a strict scrutiny before delivering classes. Anyone willing to get on board as a teacher needs to pass the interview and a test and then comes the demo part. After all these tires of tests, a teacher is appointed.
This tells how concern Akhuwat is in providing quality education to the kids. The school also has a strict policy regarding admissions of students as well.

Kids who cannot afford private schools are prioritized. School is also keeping a track record of students’ performances based on the educational background of parents.
They want to mark the differences in the performance of students with different backgrounds so that it will be helpful in future.
There are currently around 1000 students studying in NJV. They all are provided with the uniforms and books. The students with low attendance are not tolerated because there are always more students waiting to get enrolled.

The school also has its own buses to provide transport for the students who don’t live in the vicinity. For now, the number of buses is not enough to provide transport for every student but NGO is planning to have more buses.
When did we ask Uzair why NJV? His answer was simple and was on point. He stated that there is 49000 govt. schools and to fix them we need generations. So NJV is creating a beacon of hope.

His message was loud and clear; if one school can blossom with the efforts why can’t other schools be the same?

Another interesting thing about NJV is the building of the school. it is a massive architecture which dates back to 1855. The good thing is that the building is restored and maintained as it is. So this credit also goes to Akhuwat for looking after our historic heritage and making sure no harm comes its way.

We have seen a lot of schools doing a great job and many NGOs working well but we haven’t seen any NGO doing it on such a massive scale like Akhuwat has executed in NJV.
The labs in NJV astounded us.They were better than most schools in the city and we are not exaggerating it.

They have up to date machines in their IT lab. The science labs were renovating and the home economics lab smelled like brownies.

Students were learning to bake brownies and we had our moment of sugary sweetness when we tasted those brownies. Those were literally better than the most expensive cakes we had before.
We will savor the taste of those student baked brownies forever.