GEAR stands for generating employment alternatives to promote self-reliance, it is a social entrepreneurship initiative which was launched back in 2010, the purpose of the enterprise is to help the deprived segment of the society to stand up on its own feet. The idea is to enable these people to earn their livelihood through their own businesses.

GEAR provides them with sustainable business models as well as monetary assistance without requiring anything in return.

How it works:

1. Identifying a deserving candidate.

2. Discussing with them what they will be willing to work on for example a fruit cart, burger stall, french fries cart, or anything and if there’s a need, instructing them about the supply chain of a particular business model. Or if he is unskilled then may getting him admitted into a vocational training center.

3. Selection of location, it should be where access to potential customers is easy and there are minimum overhead and indirect costs involved.

4. Necessary funds are raised which range from Rs. 15000 – Rs. 30000 depending upon the business model.

5. Once the funds are available and idea & location is decided, necessary items required like a cart, cabin, fryer, raw material etc. are purchased from wholesale markets.

6. Purchase and hand over the items. All of which is provided to them on an interest-free basis and a contract is signed for the installments.

7. Monitor progress on how the provided loan is being utilized.

8. It is a fact, also verified by various independent researches, that every individual has a moral compass and they are more likely to be satisfied with their lives when they adhere to it. Reminding them of it will most likely work and the candidate will not trick you and also will avoid getting involved in any illegal activities like consuming drugs etc.

If you wish to be a part of this initiative and donate to G.E.A.R, contact:

Hamid Ali (General Secretary, GEAR): 0321-3812760


GEAR provides monthly feedback to the donor in terms of an overall operational and financial report. An operational progress report together with financial status is also provided to such donors.

Mr. Ekhlaque Ahmed, President of the organization sat with us to have a chat about his brain-child, check our next print issue to read an in-depth interview about G.E.A.R.