Inside view of TDF Ghar

The Dawood Foundation has restored a house on M.A.Jinnah road which was built by Hanibai Motiram all the way back in 1930. It is now known as TDF Ghar.

The house is now known as TDF Ghar. It is a perfect example of how Karachi was like in the past.

Well, known architect, Shahab Ghani restored the building conserving its originality. The yellow painted building welcomes everyone with an air of historical pride.

A room in TDF Ghar

Upon entering the building the first thing to notice is the mosaic tiled floor in the museum “The Living Room”. It has many things that are a memory now such as a gramophone and old style chess sets. Vintage books collection oddly harmonizes themselves with the high ceiling fans which are again not seen these days.

Library in TDF Ghar

When done with marveling the beauty of The Living Room, one may wander to “Sehan Café” right across it.

The café is an epitome of a blend of modern day and culturally lit past. The café offers tea and snacks to the visitors who can sit on the old Iranian bentwood chairs and ponder over our rich history. Café has WiFi connections and sockets to plug in your laptops which make it otherwise old style café a mixture of past and present.

Cafe in TDF Ghar

That is all TDF Ghar has to offer at its ground floor but once you move to its first floor there is yet another world to marvel upon.

The rooms on the first floor are empty and peaceful. There are only wooden plank benches and dressers in the rooms but the pictures there provide a sneak peek into the city of lights as it was once.

The best part about the building is; it is offering a free book exchange offer to every visitor. The first-floor public library has numerous books, anyone can enjoy and exchange. The only restriction is that visitors are bound to exchange a book from the same genre.

Library in TDF Ghar

These are definitely the interesting sights in TDF Ghar but the real attraction is its rooftop.

The visitors are astounded as they step onto the rooftop. It has a breathtakingly striking view of Quaid’s last resting place.

Rooftop of TDF Ghar

There are three “Numaish Halls” as well in the building which is used for the different exhibitions.

The entrance fee is very low in comparison to the historically rich interior and we recommend at least a single visit there to every Karachiite.

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