Las Fallas of Valencia is the craziest festival of all. This festival is all about gunpowder and fire.

Las Fallas means “the fire” in Valencian. In this festival “ninots” (puppets and dolls) are created and then set ablaze.

The puppets are actually huge statues made up of cardboard, wood, paper, and plaster. Many of which are several stories in height.

All of the ninots are moved to their final location of 350 key intersections and parks around the city on the day of La Planta (the rising).

They all remain intact at their locations until the day of La Carema (the burning). And you might have guessed what happens on this day.

The hidden holes into the statues are chopped by the men with axes and they are filled with fireworks.

As the evening fall, the crowd starts to chant, street lights are switched off and at exactly 12 am all of the ninots are set on fire.

Every year a single statue is saved by the popular vote. That statue is called “ninot indultat” (the pardoned puppet).

All of the pardoned ninots are exhibit at the museum.

The origin of this festival is the idea of burning fire by the pagans at the start of spring.

During the festival days, you can also enjoy famous bullfights of Spain, parades and beauty pageants all over the city.

On the final day when ninots are set to burn there is the spontaneous sound of crackling and bursting. The earth is shaken for ten minutes in the city due to all of those firecrackers.

If you love traveling and are a fan of different cultural, traditional events you must attend this festival once.