Every one of us wants to decorate our home differently. The showpieces available in the market are too common and we are tired of seeing them. So here is a DIY project of pine cone tree that is easy and takes little time. But once it is done the end result would be amazing.


Foam cone

Pine cones in different sizes

Wired floral picks

Medium gauge floral wire

Wire cutters

Material to make pine cone tree
Photo Credit: hgtv


Sort pine cones in the large, medium and small category.

Take a pine cone and use wire from the picks to wrap.

Using Floral pick
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Make sure to wrap it tightly around the bottom.

Twist the wire as tightly so the pick can be secured as close to the pine cone base as possible.

Now start inserting the first layer of pine cones about ½ inch from the base.

Inserting pine cone in foam
Photo Credit: hgtv

Use larger pine cones for first two layers.

Continue to insert the pine cones with no space between them around the base.

Add another row of large pine cones.

After two rows start inserting medium size pine cones.

Inserting pine cones in foam tree
Photo Credit: hgtv

Try to fill in as much space as possible.

Get smaller as you move up.

Leave the last row of cone empty.

Fill the last row with the largest from the smaller pine cones.

Fill in the empty space f there is any with the remaining pine cones.

Finishing up the pine cone tree
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Use a tall pine cone as a tree-top.

The simple pine cone tree will give your home décor s rustic charm.

A pine cone tree
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You can place it on the kitchen counter or in your drawing room to impress the guests. It can also be placed at the side tables in the bedroom or at a dressing table.

If you have a space inside your bathroom, you can also decorate this awesome tree in there. It can literally be placed anywhere and everywhere.

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