Panama City, the capital of Panama, is a modern city framed by the Pacific Ocean and man-made Panama Canal. The Miraflores Locks offers views of ships traversing the canal which is not to be missed! The traffic may be a menace but this city is certainly worth the visit! P.S be prepared for that LONG flight!
Tours and Sightseeing in Panama :
Panama city and walking tour, Ocean to Ocean Panama Canal and Jungle tour and the Panama City Miraflores Locks and city tour.
There are also outdoor activities in Panama in Monkey Island, The National Park, The Rainforest, Fishing, Hiking, Ziplining and so much more!
The historic sites at Panama are really famous too. Some of them that you should visit are the Gatun Locks, San Jose Church, Plaza Mayor, Portobelo National Park and the Cathedral at the old Panama! These places are incredibly picturesque and will have you mesmerized!
If you want to see Museums, then head to Biomuseo, Weill Art gallery, the Zapador, NIne concept store, Dgriss art gallery and the Karavan Gallery!
The beaches in Panama are the best places to be! The best ones are Red frog beach, Playa Estrella, Santa Clara and El palmar beach! Clean blue water, white sand, and a little picnic while enjoying the sunset – best way to spend your time in Panama!
The Artisan market is the best for shopping as the prices are not high and fewer people go there. You can find almost everything you want from there, which is a total bonus!
Enjoy freshly caught seafood with the locals at Panama City’s fish market located along the Cinta Costera. Be sure to try the locally prepared ceviche because it is just AMAZING!
Before leaving Panama, you HAVE to get a picture with the Panama sign, totally Instagram worthy!
Now you know what you need to do in Panama, so make sure to visit all these places and make memories! Also, there are many packages and deals which make it much easier to get around the city and for day-and-night tours so you can easily save up.