A Poetry competition in Karachi? With no age limits? Any language? Must be daydreaming but this is true! Nida Saif is the savior of Literature and Poetry, the city had been craving. There have been 2 episodes of the Poetry Slam before but you are just in time to know more and possibly participate in the 3rd episode upcoming.
Let’s take a deeper insight into Poetry Slam;

Slam Poetry is a culture that came from the West, and though some institutes have a slam poetry society, it’s not as common in the public. It’s a stage for writers and poets to come together and share their originally written poems.
Poetry Slam Karachi is an initiative taken by Nida Saif last year to revive literature in Karachi and to introduce spoken word poetry. She felt the desperate need in Karachi for this niche and the responses even blew her away.

Clips from the previous Poetry Slam

The responses were immense! In both previous episodes of Poetry Slam, Nida had 200-250 people as attendees. Out of which she had around 60 participants. The hype it received on social media proved how such events are very much needed in the city.

Nida is part of many writing groups and one day she randomly planned all the writers to meet up. That plan then transformed into something else! She stumbled upon a video of spoken word poetry and was amazed at the whole idea of being able to perform your own poem! And so she just made an event page on Facebook. The response she received took her by surprise. In a span of two weeks, she booked a venue and executed the very first episode of Poetry Slam Karachi.

Clips from the previous Poetry Slam

The motive for the event was?
Free speech. Free stage.

Mushaira’s are very common and restricted to Urdu language only. You may have come across many speech contests as well. But slam poetry is unlike any of these. It’s a mixture of both and any other language. All poets are welcome, of any age, gender. Diversity is its beauty.

Nida has been the only person behind it. She calls it Poetry Slam, a woman organization. She does call volunteers when needed or hire graphic designers for artwork etc. But from point zero to execution of the event, Nida is the only person behind it. A one-man army.

After marriage, however, her husband Fahad has been a great support. All her decisions are overlooked by him and they work as a team. Currently, he’s the managing director of Poetry Slam.

Poetry Slam Karachi’s main goal is to provide a platform for everyone. To make it available for everyone whatsoever. Why? Because there already are some places where literary events are happening, but they’re either very far to reach or very specific about certain parameters.

Clips from the previous Poetry Slam

She always organizes the episodes as central in the city as possible so that it’s accessible, approachable and affordable for all to attend.

Future of Poetry Slam Karachi is definitely bright. She is still working on some new ventures and ideas. But mainly, She wants to make sure literature doesn’t fade away. And for that, Poetry Slam Karachi will always be organizing events.


Clips from the previous Poetry Slam

This is the link and details to her event page;