Snapchat Lets You Paint the Sky in the Colour of your Choice


The most raved about application which started experimenting with augmented reality earlier this year has launched new filters called Sky Filters, which let you tweak the color of the sky in your snapped picture.

The latest update makes your run off the mill pictures more vibrant and attractive and how it does it is through detecting the sky in the picture and giving it a transformation of your liking. The users can choose from a new “forecast,” which include a starry night, sunsets, rainbow, stormy dense clouds and more.


Like all the other filters, Sky filters will also be regularly rotated and get new updates every now and then.

This update was rolled out as the 6th birthday of Snapchat approaches, the app was launched in September 2011. The app now positions itself as more of a “camera app” rather than a social network.

There have been numerous innovative updates in the last year alone, few of which include Advanced lenses, Bitmojis and Snap Map.