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The transition from spring into summer brings a lot of bright and funky colors into the fashion parade. All seasons bring their own charm but the Summer season is what gets you wear all the lively clothing which is not only vivid but attractive at the same time; giving a perfect blend. This season floral designs have taken over the summer attire and are now trending all around;

Summer has its own idea of bringing refreshing colors, just how pretty this bright mustard color looks with a little something of pinks, blues, and greens. Young girls are able to pull such colors very nicely.

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Many famous lawn brands are coming up with subtle colors which give a cool and breezy feel once worn. They make you feel lighter with a touch of nature and when balanced out with florals it adds even a fine look to it.

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A brilliant color combination can always add a charming effect to your personality and with a touch of florals, it maximizes the overall look. This blend of light colors wth bright blooming flowers could be a perfect evening look.

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Light aqua and baby pink is the perfect blend for giving a sweet touch to your outfit, mostly preferred by teens and young college going girls.

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Digital prints have also been preferred by a lot of females these days and many famous brands have been playing with the designs launching many earthy toned prints.

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Florals also blend well with dark colors, because the flowers pop-bright out, just how this blue has shocking pink floral patterns on it and they are appearing visible and clear.

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There are numerous designers working on these ready to wear designs to surmount the demand from the people and each & every piece produced by them depicts youthfulness and feminity.