moderator of the event

Poetry Slam Karachi is the hip event for young and aspiring poets in the town. It is a platform where poets can share their piece of work with the audiences without the fear of being judged. They recently had their third episode and it was a success by all means.

These kinds of free-spirited events help youngsters to come forward and polish their skills. It is literally a space to spread your wings and fly.

One of the participants Umair Bin awaits aka Ubino rightly declared the slam as a kin for everyone here is a poet and is willing to listen to others.

Umair was scared of rapping in front of anyone but Slam provided him with the courage to show his hidden talent.

Umair looking at someone

This teenager has a really cool cause to rap. Ubino raps against drugs, child labor and poverty. Apart from these he also has a very different agenda, he is striving against wanna be west culture that he believes is creeping into Pakistani society.

Ubino is not the only one, there were other participants like him who were afraid to face the public. For instance, Slam worked as a catharsis for Farheen. She is a medical student and writes poetry as an escape from depression.

The girl has been struggling with her sad thoughts for ages and couldn’t come to terms with the idea of letting others know about it.

Farheen clapping while smiling

Poetry Slam Karachi proved to be her way to vent out those emotions. She wants to reach out to as many people as she can through this platform who are in the depression. She is working towards normalizing the acceptance of sadness.

There was one participant Rida who is still struggling for a cause to write poetry. She just loves to scribble her jumble thoughts. For her, the event is an eye-opener. She solely attended the event to enjoy the power of words which depicts the versatility of this Slam.

Rida at the podium in front of the microphone

Not all participants were inexperienced, Farah was the first timer in the poetry Slam but she has a vast experience of facing the audience. She was in the event because she believes in the idea of free will in poetry that is the whole purpose of having Poetry Slam Karachi.

Farah reciting her poetry

The crux of all the stories about these participants is that anyone and everyone has an ability to chase their dreams. These are the real-life examples of people who overcome fears and shattered the glass ceiling.

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