Impromptu plans with friends seem like the best way to kill time, have fun and spend more than you planned to but when the time comes to pick a place to hang out, everybody seems to go blank. Here are 5 places in Karachi that you should consider the next time you make a plan (which may be sooner than you think)  

1. D’oh

This new kid on the block, D’oh, which serves, possibly, the best Churros in Karachi is located on Chota Bukhari and sells fresh Churros from their shop called Desi.It’s an ideal place to sit out in the open air while stuffing your face with some Churros that are so reasonably priced and are nothing short of heavenly! Come Winter, this can be your go-to place with friends for some deliciously sugary Churros that ooze warm Nutella and the best part is that they’re only for Rs.250 (Thank you, God!)

2. Espresso

Espresso has always been my first choice whenever I want to go out with friends.The relaxing ambiance, reasonably priced food, and mood lighting are just what we all need while enjoying some good comfort food and chit chat.Espresso’s starters like the perfectly crispy Chicken Strips and the Starter Platter is a safe bet if you can’t decide what to eat.If you need to cool down after a long day out in the scorching heat then the Affogato or Oreo Shake is just what you need to gulp down!

3. Scream

This funky new Ice Cream parlor that has recently opened on Sehar Comm. is hands down the best place to go for Lunch or Dinner for some deliciously creamy Ice Cream made with liquid nitrogen.There isn’t anyone good time to go here because Ice Cream is something we Karachiites NEED to have all day, every day! They’ve recently launched their waffles which seem to be a hit so do try it out soon!

4. Cloud Naan

Cloud Naan is THE place to hang out with friends and make fun boomerangs of cheesy naans.The items on their menu (Like this Creamy Tikka Naan) are so appetizing that you start salivating the second the waiter goes to place the order.It’s a decent serving of fresh hot naan stuffed either cheese, meats,veggies, Nutella and Oreos and the best part is that you can enjoy all of this without breaking the bank with prices of these Naans starting from Rs.300 onwards. Their Kashmiri Chai is also worth a try!

5. Pi Social

I’m sure most of us had heard about this tastefully decorated place when it first opened up.What must’ve made you visit it was probably the fact that you can play board games here for as long as you want.Their food, on the other hand, has been getting mixed reviews but there are still dishes that you can have if you are uncontrollably hungry like these Cheese Poppers that are served fresh with some good sauce.Their Freak Shakes are also something you can try while winning at a game of Ludo and they’re surely going to keep your Snapchat Stories interesting because they are a beautiful cakey glass of pure sugary joy.Those games are the main focus so if you ever have 8 hours to spare then this is the place you and your friends need to call your second home!