Karachi is one of those cities which never sleep. And this city never let you get bored. It has so much going on that one needs to decide where to begin with, what events to attend and what to let go.

As usual this week again so much is happening in the mega city that we are unable to list each event down. Here is a list of some interesting events happening in this week.

Grey Spaces by Noor Ali Chaghani is all set to open on Tuesday 13th February and it will be displayed till 23rd of this month. The exhibition is at Koel Gallery. The artist is an expert in miniature paintings. His artwork has been published in many publications including Asia Pacific Arts, Los Angeles Times and several local papers.

There is another art exhibition at Studio Seven Art Gallery on the same dates from 13th to 23rd February. Work of S.M.Reza and Nayab Noor has been curated by Gabrielle Brinsmead.

On 16th of February Habib University’s Arzu Center is presenting a Dastan Goi: Tilism-e-Hosh Ruba. The event will start at 6 pm and it will be wrapped at 8:30. To attend the event you need to get yourself registered.

One more cool theatre is on its way to Karachi. Liaquat National Library is having a Sindh Theatre Festival from February 13th to 27th.

Visit Karachi library on 16th February and be a part of an interactive workshop with Claire Chambers. You can learn about writing reviews and other opinion pieces in Opinion (Writing) Matters.

On 17th of February at Pearl Continental Hotel Darvesh Sufi Night Chiragh e Bandagi is happening. You can enjoy the Sufi music from 5 pm till midnight. If you are interested then book your tickets now.

T2f is bringing an amazing tribute to its founder Sabeen Mahmud. You can attend An Indian satirist in Karachi, Sanajy Rajoura’s tribute to Sabeen Mahmud on February 15th at 7 pm.

T2f is screening “Mard-Ban” be a man on 12th February at 7 pm. It is a documentary by Aurelia Salvaire.