We all love to attend festivals because they make us happy. Now consider getting a chance to celebrate happiness solely in a festival…World Happiness Festival is a reality that we all fantasize.

Yes, there is a festival of happiness and that will be celebrated from 16 to 18 March this year. World Happiness Festival is supported by United Nations.

United Nations

It is the merriment like no other. There are multiple talks and workshops that fest-goers can attend and be a part of. It is all about learning how to be happy and understand the science of happiness.

This festival makes you realize you are gifted with contentment you just never knew that you possessed such a wonderful thing.

It is not just a celebration instead it is a journey to self-realization and learning how to share it with others.

It joins the two forces together; science and spirituality. Doctors, business leaders, artists, authors, psychologists, fitness gurus and Buddhist monks, you’ll find people from every walk of life enjoying and finding peace here.

Buddhist Monks

It takes place for two days every year but in different cities. This year it is happening in Mexico.

The core purpose of reveling World Happiness Festival is the wellbeing of people and helping them grow.

You can practice meditation, master heartfulness and learn about the philosophy of keeping yourself happy.

Apart from all the other activities, another good thing about the festival is that you get to satisfy your taste buds as well.

You can try from the variety of options provided by local restaurants or else just check out the food vendors present there.

Grilling Meat

Another aspect of the festivities is music. The attendees get to hear the best music from all around the world. It included jazz, country, pop and every other genre that one can think of.

And who doesn’t want to be happy? We all want to experience pure gladness and for this purpose, the cheerful World Happiness Festival is the right choice.

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